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Mystic Heart is a sonic journey in song & mantra that ventures into uncharted waters of healing and expansion. Harnam in collaboration with producer Anthony Molina (Simrit, Crown of Eternity, & Mercury Rev) have created a wide-open musical heart-space for the listener. There is a very authentic quality to this music where the love and joy is palpable. Each track is unique and compelling, with a specific purpose: Guru Ram Das– A sacred prayer for wisdom and miracles. Sat Nam (I am)– A celebration of of the truth and beauty of every soul. Speed of Love– An invocation of grace and light on our journey through the world.  Love is Love– A powerful and joyous meditation on our divine essence. Heal Me (Ra Ma Da Sa)– A sonic space for healing with a profound mantra to reveal our original self – perfect, whole and complete. Wah Yantee– A mantra of creativity and wonder of the divine given by the great yoga master Patanjali.  Akaal / May the Circle be Unbroken – A tribute to Harnam’s father and Anthony’s grandmother who both passed from this world in 2018; it is a chant that invokes the undying aspects of our being, celebrating our timeless connection to one another. This album also features some amazing musicians including Steve Gorn on flute, Tripp Dudley on Percussion, and gospel vocals from Ivonne Williams.


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