Artist, Musician, Yogi

“…his earthy guitar and lower register vocals are often reminiscent of Eddie Veder.” – LA Yoga Magazine.

“Harnam is the rising Bob Dylan of Kirtan.” – Mirabai Ceiba

“My goal is to create music that is deeply resonant with my own soul and universally accessible to seekers looking to connect with the deepest parts of themselves.” – Harnam

Originally from California, Harnam’s unique creative and spiritual perspective is rooted in his powerful connection with nature. This is apparent in the authentic quality of his music where he often blends genres and pushes boundaries. His latest release, the single: Wah Yantee (Alt Mix) combines ancient mantra with sweet harmonies and lush production to form a unique expression of the divine. The upcoming single “Speed of Love” is set to drop November 26, 2021 – it’s an uptempo song about the spiritual journey from the full album Time is Now (due in early 2022). His other recordings include the critically acclaimed: “A Fearless Heart”, “All Roads”, “Awakening Your Creative Fire” and “Removing Obstacles”.  He is a Kundalini Yoga teacher who tours internationally, performing and teaching at festivals and yoga studios.

Harnam’s Work has been featured in:

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  • Joe Longo Inspired Creativity  Podcast
  • Inspired Artists  Podcast with Porter Singer
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Painting: Also known as Tony Zatzick,  Harnam has lived, worked exhibited in both Europe and the Americas. His work has been selected for exhibition by many well-known artists and critics including Irving Sandler, William Bailey, Graham Nickson, Charles Cajori, Barbara Grossman and Bernard Chaet. His work has been included in exhibition alongside Philp Pearlstein, Janet Fish and Jamie Wyeth. He received a BA in Painting from the University of California at Santa Cruz in 1989, studied at the New York Studio School, and received an MFA from Western Connecticut State University, where he was awarded the Master of Fine Art award in 2004.