Pyramid of the Sun



About this painting … 

When the rays shine through the clouds at the horizon it sometimes creates the illusion of a pyramid on the water – this is a theme I hope to explore in future paintings. The weather was a bit touchy as we got to the beach and I wasn’t even sure if I  would be able to  paint on this  morning. We meditated for a while  chanting  Har Har gobinday which is mantra of creativity and abundance. Eventually the cthe  path  for  the painting became clear  and this is where it  lead. A  sweet little piece with a thread to  pull on later  for a  much bigger idea.

A painting  a sunrise is an incredibly sensual  experience – a visual feast of light  and color unfolding  in real time with all the elemental forces of wind water and scent fully engaged – it is a sacred dance that unfolds – the creation of the piece is an attempt to flow with the sacred moment and offer an authentic slice of my personal experience. Check the notes  on the back of  the piece  for more details  about the day in the gallery images.


Series Notes: A Caribbean sunrise painted in watercolor in Puerto Morelos Mexico, (South of Cancun). These paintings are a meditation on the ephemeral nature of our experience. The world is in constant flux and I am drawn irresistibly to the dance of color that is the morning sky. Water color is a perfect medium to flow with the rapidly changing sky – it’s advantage is the spontaneous gesture and clarity that is possible with just a few well chosen marks – one needs to keep moving forward as the work develops – forgoing fussiness in favor of unexpected synergies. The goal for me is to capture the feeling of the particular day – it’s fleeting character – be it calm or blustery – cloudy or clear – authenticity of experience conveyed to the viewer – the emotion of color and mark unfolding in real time. Each work carries a description of the day to help contextualize the image with the cauldron of experience that helped bring it forth. Sometimes shorebirds or Herons sneak into the workload their particular magic to the mix. 


8×6 in Winsor Newton Watercolor on 140lb Arches Cold Press Watercolor Block paper

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions8 × 10 in


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