Trust is the Key that Allows Abundance to Flow to You

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Alignment with Source always brings the heart what it is seeking – abundance, love, freedom are all on their way to us as we speak… We only need to open our heart to allow the blessings to flow into our experience. Appreciation for what is good in our lives and eagerness for what is coming are the keys to embracing our inevitable success.

Imagine that there is a stick that says “prosperity” on one end and “lack” on the other – if we pick up the prosperity side, then we are aligning ourselves with that vibration. If we choose through our thoughts to give energy to the opposite end of that stick then that is what we will attract. The choice is ours – in a vibrational based universe we need to be mindful – of the energy we put out because that is what we will attract.


The meditation described in the above videos will help you activate the prosperity vibration within, as we align with our own creative source chanting “Har” – practice daily with the videos linked below for a while and see what happens – You’ll notice opportunities and money begin coming to you from unexpected places – a sign that the universe is always supporting us when we drop our resistance to the Divine Flow. Enjoy!


Removing Financial Obstacles (Har Meditation) Track: